Theraworx Relief Fast-Acting Foam for Leg Cramps, Foot Cramps and Muscle Soreness 7.1 Oz

  • ₱1,899.00

Theraworx Relief Fast-Acting Spray for Leg Cramps, Foot Cramps and Muscle Soreness, 7.1 oz
Size : 7.1 oz / 210 ml
  • Fast relief for leg, foot and other muscle cramps
  • Prevents new muscle cramps and spasms when used daily
  • Reduces the soreness after a cramp or spasm
  • Non-toxic, locally acting, total-body-safe ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Application Instructions : Apply at least 12 pumps of spray to each muscle group where you experience cramps or soreness, using light massage pressure to rub it in until dry. We recommend applying at least 6 pumps of spray, rubbing it in, and then applying 6 more pumps of spray.
  • Tips for best results:To prevent nighttime muscle cramps, use Theraworx Relief both morning and night.Make sure to include the full muscle group when applying Theraworx Relief. (See detailed instructions below)Apply Theraworx Relief first before using any other creams or lotions as they can act as barriers.Wait for Theraworx Relief to dry before getting in bed or putting on clothes. The fabric can soak up the product off the skin, reducing its effectiveness.Some people require more dosage and/or frequency. If you’re not seeing results, try using more pumps of spray and/or applying it more often.