Cancellations and Returns

For any special handling concerns, please feel free to contact us before or right after placing an order.


Before orders are made to our international suppliers, for any concerns with an order on the part of the services offered by (i.e. item unavailability, lost item: reorder from supplier is required, etc.), a confirmation from the user will be required for the order to push through.  In these cases when the customer wishes to cancel the order, the company will issue a 100% refund.

If the customer has mistakenly placed an order and wishes to cancel it, the company will honor the refund so long as the order has not yet been placed by our purchasing department (customer may or may not be notified via email when an order from our suppliers have been placed). In these cases, 3% of the transaction fee or Php 200, whichever is greater, will be charged to the customer.  In case the order has already been placed to our international suppliers, cancellations will not be possible. 

All procedures regarding Returns, Warranties and Cancellations will be sent via email once the status has been confirmed. For any concerns, please feel free to contact us at

Returns and Exchanges

For items ordered through the Arenade website, returns will only be accepted for damaged or defective goods within a 5 day period. Upon receipt of the items, the customer must contact support within 5 days to claim a return or refund. Since most products are pre-ordered abroad, customer change of mind will not be an accepted reason for return.

For items that were specifically requested by the customer from a specific website and/or link, refunds will only be issued for lost orders. Prices are inclusive of insurance for lost items. However, the customer will be responsible for damaged, defective or incomplete orders as long as the link or product has been specifically requested through support platforms and was not purchased from the catalog list.