Softdisc Menstrual Disc, Soft Period Cup with 12-Hour Period Protection, 14 Disposable Discs, 1 Size Model

  • ₱1,100.00

Safe To Use

The Softdisc menstrual discs are safe to use as it is non- toxic, hypoallergenic, free from BPA and Phthalate free and made without natural rubber latex or silicone. No chemicals or fragrances used however, naturally controls period odor.

Comfortable to wear for longer hours

The menstrual discs are safe to be worn for upto 12 hours as it does not cause irritation, itchiness or dryness hence, doesn’t cause any discomfort.

Nothing should stop your action packed lifestyle, not even periods

Ladies, you can now live your life to the fullest even when you are on your periods. Heavy flow or not, the disc collects the fluid at the base of the cervix ensuring zero leak during exercise, swimming and even intimate moments. Additionally, for the heavy flow days, the disc is enough to hold 5 tampons worth of fluid that naturally results in less frequent changes.