SmartMouth Premium Toothpaste for Elite Oral Health Protection, Mild Mint, 6 oz. / 170g

  • ₱799.00

SmartMouth's refreshing mint toothpaste battles bad breath, removes plaque, fights cavities, whitens teeth and battles sensitivity, all with our zinc-power technology. For 24 hour bad breath control, use with any of our oral rinse products. See bullets and images for more information.

  • The zinc ion technology in SmartMouth's Premium Toothpaste introduces health promoting zinc ions subgingivally, meaning they can reach the difficult area between your gums and teeth
  • SmartMouth's Premium Toothpaste uses zinc ion technology in conjunction with other premium features to provide enamel strengthening, anti plaque, anti cavity, sensitive whitening and elite oral health protection
  • Mild mint flavor
  • No aftertaste