ReliOn Ultra Thin Lancets 30 Gauge for Sensitive Fingers, 200 Lancets

  • ₱899.00

ReliOn 30 Gauge Ultra-Thin Lancets are a safe and sanitary way to take control of your health. These 30 gauge lancets are ultra-thin to minimize discomfort and to make blood sampling as free of pain as possible. You can use these lancets on your usual testing sites with ease, including your palm, forearm, fingertip, or upper arm. Change the lancet after each use to ensure you're using the sharpest point possible. Even if you have sensitive fingers, you can use this product more than once a day to keep your blood sugar in check. The 30 gauge fits most commercial lancing devices, which are sold separately. Do compatible brands include ReliOn?, Microlet, OneTouch, FreeStyle, Soft Touch, Autolet, BD?, Qwik-Let, TRUEdraw?, and Vaculance?. The budget-friendly pack of 200 is an economical way to monitor your diabetes while allowing you to have these lancets on hand whenever you need them. ReliOn 30 Gauge Ultra-Thin Lancets are a must-have for at-home or on-the-go blood sampling. There's a reason ReliOn is the #1 best-selling over-the-counter diabetes management brand at Walmart. You get all the quality glucose monitors, test strips, lancets, blood pressure meters, and gels and tablets you need to manage your diabetes better, at Walmart's everyday low prices. Shop ReliOn products on for an easy, trusted full selection of devices and everyday essentials, and rest assured knowing you're getting a low price on everything you need to stay healthy. ReliOn understands all the ways diabetes touches your life. With affordable, reliable products and total lifestyle support, ReliOn helps you be your best you.