Permatex Synthetic Ultra Lube Brake Parts Lubricant 85188, 0.5 oz. / 14 g

  • ₱695.00

lubricant; multi-purpose; disc break; calipers; pinsl slides; silicone; non=silicone

Permatex Ultra Lube Brake Parts Lubricant

Permatex Ultra Lube is an environmentally conscientious, green, non-melting, synthetic lubricant formulated to lubricate under the most adverse brake conditions.

Assures that critical caliper pins, hardware, and the back side of brake pads remain lubricated throughout pad life.

From job-specific lubricants, protectants and dressings, to the rigors of heavy-duty needs, count on Permatex to bring you reliability and problem-solving solutions that extend the life of your equipment.

Directions for Use:

Step 1 - Clean all caliper parts to be lubricated.

Step 2 - Apply lubricant to pins, slides, and pistons.

Note: Lubricant may also be used as a noise suppressor to eliminate caliper brake squeal.

Do not apply lubricant to braking surface of caliper pads.