OLLY Flawless Complexion, Berry Fresh 25 Day Supply (50 Gummies)

  • ₱1,280.00

During transit, content 'unavoidably' becomes moist. this is normal & experienced also by US customers (you can check it online).
Moisture causes the foil seal to flip (sometimes upon opening) that does not mean it's not sealed, rest assured gummies are stored in a well conditioned place 24/7.

Olly Flawless Complexion

Let’s make a few things clear. This potent little gummy is packed with purifying antioxidants and minerals that get right to the source to support a clear complexion from the inside out.

How It Works

Flawless Complexion is perfectly crafted to deliver nutritional actives that work from the inside to help support key aspects of clear, healthy skin.

The Science

  • Antioxidants: Vitamin A pairs up with vitamin E to help fight free radicals & support a clear complexion.
  • Minerals: We love this hard-working duo: Zinc is essential for the generation of new, healthy skin tissue, while Selenium plays a role in cell detox.
  • Botanicals: Phytonutrient super stars, Spearmint & Aronia Berry, team up with Dandelion Root, an ancient remedy used for detoxification.

Naturally Tasty

A blend of brilliant berries with a fresh hint of mint.