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Love Wellness Good Girl Probiotics, 60 Capsules

Love Wellness Good Girl Probiotics, 60 Capsules

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Imbalanced pH? Nah, We’re Good.

  • With women's biology in mind, our probiotic formula delivers essential bacteria to keep your gut healthy and everything from pH levels to urinary tract health in check.*

Clean, Good-For-You Ingredients

  • Including 8 strains of good bacteria—the kinds that naturally occur in a woman’s body and restore feminine health.*

    A Healthy Gut = V Important

    Here’s the deal. Your gut and your V are kind of best buds—as in share-the-same-kind-of-good-bacteria best buds. Meaning, there’s a super important link between the two, and keeping one healthy, keeps the other healthy too. Our made-for-women probiotic is designed to maintain a just-right amount of good bacteria, along with balanced pH and yeast levels which promote urinary tract health, gut health, and overall women’s wellness.* Manufactured in the USA with globally sourced ingredients

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