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Knitpro Japanese Bamboo Starter Interchangeable Needle Set 13cm / 5 Inch (22552)

Knitpro Japanese Bamboo Starter Interchangeable Needle Set 13cm / 5 Inch (22552)

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The Japanse Bamboo Starter Interchangeable Needle Set is a smart way to begin knitting with interchangeable circular needles.

The starter set contains 5 popular sized sets of interchangeable circular needle tips plus 3 black nylon coated stainless steel swivel cables and connectors to make the needle lengths: 60, 80 and 100cm, along with accessories. 

These tips are made from the finest sustainable Japanese bamboo. Suitable for all types of yarn, its smooth surface ensures effortless knitting with no snagging or slipping. Fabulously finished, the bamboo surface guarantees an extremely satisfying knitting experience. The stainless steel cables are memory-free with a 360° swivel mechanism that prevents twisting.

Interchangeable needles work by screwing the ends of a flexible cable into needle tips, tightening with the cable key to ensure the cables don't come undone during knitting. Smooth joins enable stitches to slide easily from tip to cable.

The tips, cables and accessories are packed in a green ombré fabric case with a design featuring two cute sheep. There are two zip compartments - one holding the tips, the other the accessories. Beautifully compact, it's perfect for the on-the-go knitter!

The standard length tips are approx 13cm (5") long, a popular length for day-to-day use and medium / large projects.

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