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KnitPro Accessories Natural Series NATURAL YARN DISPENSER (35006)

KnitPro Accessories Natural Series NATURAL YARN DISPENSER (35006)

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Our winding and dispensing accessories make it a breeze to work with yarn! Whether you want to wind a skein into a ball, rewind yarn back into a skein, split a ball into two, or simply meditate while watching yarn spin, we have a swift and a dispensing tool that will do it. We sell more than one kind: Winders in durable plastic for turning stashed skeins into workable balls and colourful wooden ones for heavy-duty regular use. On a table, in a store or workspace, our swifts make charming craft accessories. In addition, we sell yarn bowls and dispensers for protecting yarn from dirt or inquisitive pets. Our yarn winders and dispensers make organizing your yarn stash a creative task in itself.

NATURAL YARN DISPENSER KnitPro Accessories Natural Series: No more yarn tangles with our yarn dispenser! It keeps the yarn ball perfectly adjusted during knitting and provides uniform tension. The yarn ball is prevented from slipping or falling and creating a mess. Rubber pads, fitted at the base, provides good grip on the surface, and bearings help to smoothly pull the yarn. Available in all natural beech wood & in combination of natural and colourful laminated beech wood.

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