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KnitPro Accessories Circular Needle Protectors (10945)

KnitPro Accessories Circular Needle Protectors (10945)

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We have a complete range of “tools” to help you enjoy your knitting even more. Whether it’s a row counter to keep track of rows, picking tool to ensure you never unravel after a dropped stitch, chances are we have it. We run the gamut in terms of intuitive tools that stop a project from being a source of frustration. Stitch markers to remind you where to increase, decrease, repeat or skip, needle point protectors to keep your delicate needles safe, perfect pom-pom makers, darning needles, stitch holders to make effortless I-cord – all of these tools help keep your knitting time enjoyable and productive experience! We call them must-haves, for you, as well as for all your knitting buddies!

KnitPro Accessories Circular Needle Protectors: These sturdy tubes protect your circular needle tips from accidental damage. These needle protectors are a useful protection for all circular needles.

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