Health Thru Nutrition Resveratrol (ResVida™) 100% Nature Identical 100mg 60 Softgels

  • ₱1,299.00

Resveratrol, found in the skin of red grapes, is believed to be one of nature's most powerful antioxidants. ResVida™ contains pure, nature identical trans-resveratrol, which has been scientifically proven to have health benefits for the heart, brain and muscles. More recently, resveratrol was shown to mimic calorie restriction; the only scientifically proven way to extend life. ***Major new study using ResVida pure trans resveratrol first to demonstrate improved overall metabolic health in humans! All national news outlets are broadcasting this major scientific breakthrough and the excitement surrounding ResVida's potential continues to grow!*** IMPORTANT: New ResveraGel™ DOUBLE-STRENGTH 100 mg ResVida™ Resveratrol, from DSM and manufactured in Tishcon's NSF® GMP Registered facility is the ONLY 100mg Resveratrol tested for safety. ResVida™ Resveratrol is bioavailable in humans -- a key to being able to benefit from this powerful micronutrient