Health Thru Nutrition Oil of Oregano (Wild) Standardized in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 150mg (NON-GMO) 360 Softgels

  • ₱895.00

Oreganois anherb, best known for it’s irresistible aroma, but also for it’scleansing andastringentproperties. Ournon GMO Oil of Oreganoisrich in antioxidants,phenolic acidsandnaturally occurring phytochemicalsthat help support microbial environment in gastro intestinal tract and healthy immune response. Carvacrol and Thymol are primary biocidal compounds in Oregano.

Ournon GMO Oil of Oreganoutilizes all natural European standardized 40:1 extract yielding in equivalency of 600mg Oregano per serving, making it apowerful allyin your bodies daily fight againstbio-film forming microorganisms,fungal overgrowth, andother pathogenic manifestations. As withall of our products, it ismade in the USAin ourcertified cGMP Facility.