Genteel Butterfly Touch Lancets Variable 30-36 Gauge, 100 Single Use Sterile Lancets

  • ₱950.00

  • Variable Gauge – A patent-pending tri-beveled angled tip ranges from 30g to 36g, and provides a robust pain-free lancing experience. Even if you have thicker skin, you will still get the required amount of blood for your test meter while taking advantage of a thinner gauge.
  • Minimized Vibration - Butterfly Touch Lancets are made with extremely rigid metal, alongside a vibration-dampening plastic base which helps absorb needle movement
  • Packaging – A box contains 100 pieces of Lancets. Lancet length, straightness and thickness are accurate within a 0.01°, ensured by 3 extra manufacturing procedures and quality tests.
  • Consistent Quality - Butterfly Touch lancets are made with polished, smooth stainless steel with a conformal coating on the safety cap, ensuring quality for years. The smoother the surface, the more the needle glides through the skin without tearing and pulling.
  • Fits most Lancing Devices - Butterfly Touch Lancets were designed for use with the new Genteel Lancing Device. They also are compatible with other popular brands And many other square-based lancet holders.