Eos 100% Natural Organic Lip Balm, Vanilla Bean 7 g USDA

  • ₱325.00

beyond the balm

Discover a lip balm that’s 100% natural and 100% delicious. Our all-natural Vanilla Bean flavor tastes like smooth, rich and creamy vanilla.USDA Certified Organic, sustainably-sourced shea butter and all natural flavors—because good-for-you can be delicious too. We make our eos 100% Natural Shea Lip Balm with wild-grown shea butter and hydrating coconut and jojoba oils for long-lasting hydration.

We love the balm, you love the balm. But that was just the beginning. We stopped and considered all the different ways we could make the rest of your beauty routine more delightful. The result? eos shave creams and lotions. Yet, as we've grown and continue to grow, we've stayed true to our mission from the very beginning: to use the good-quality ingredients to make products that perform and deliver moments of pure joy.