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Enji Family Digital Thermometer

Enji Family Digital Thermometer

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As a family owned business, our mission is to provide premium health care products for today’s modern family. We are committed to using premium quality materials in our products, exceptional customer support, and useful health education. We designed our TH-65 Thermometer to help parents and pet owners effectively monitor fevers.

Trusted by Hospitals, Schools, and Families

With our TH-65 Digital Thermometer, you can feel total peace of mind knowing that you are getting the most accurate temperature readings for your whole family. We supply our Enji TH-65 thermometers to many hospitals, medical clinics, veterinary clinics, sport clubs, and schools because they can rely on the accuracy, durability, and comfort of our TH-65 thermometers.

Our smart probe thermometers have soft and flexible tips that make it as comfortable as possible when taking the temperature of your babies, kids, and even your pets.

A Must Have To Include in Your Medicine Cabinet

We all experience fevers from time to time, but it’s tricky to know how severe the fever is without having a premium thermometer on hand. And when it comes to babies and infants, fevers can be especially stressful. Having our TH-65 Thermometer in your medicine cabinet makes it easy, fast, and accurate to take their temperature to know when to just give medicine, and when to rush your child to the doctor.

For babies under 3 months of age, a temperature of 100.4°F (38°C) or higher can be very dangerous. The most accurate way to get a babies temperature is through a rectal reading. Our medical thermometers make it as soft and comfortable for babies and infants to take their temperature.

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