Bulk Water Hardness 35 Pack Test Strips, 15 Second Results Reading from 0ppm to 500ppm

  • ₱1,399.00

Our water hardness strips are perfect for getting fast & accurate results within 15 seconds. Instructions for using our testing strips: 1. Remove the hardness test strip from bag, be careful not to touch the testing pad. Reseal bag to keep remaining strips fresh. 2. Immerse the end of the strip with the test pad into water sample for 1-2 seconds. 3. Compare the test pad to the color results chart within 15 seconds for the most accurate reading.

  • FAST ACCURATE RESULTS: Get your results back in 15 seconds.
  • COMPARE TO RESULTS: Our strips go from 0ppm (0 grains) all the way to 500 ppm (30 grains) hardness
  • PACKED WITH FRESH LOCK BAG: Our seal-able pouch includes a desiccant for ultimate freshness.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Our strips are made here in the USA to ensure the highest quality production.