Boiron Calendula Gel Homeopathic Medicine First Aid, 1.5 oz. / 45g

  • ₱599.00

Boiron Calendula Gel for First Aid

First Aid

Cuts, scrapes, chafing, minor burns or skin irritations? Soothe your skin the natural way with Calendula Gel from Boiron.

Guarding the muscles, bones and internal organs, skin is the largest organ of the body, and life can take a toll on this outer covering every day—shaving; exposure to sun, wind and cold weather; minor burns; cuts and scrapes; rashes and insect bites, etc. One of the most versatile, frequently needed and economical finds in a natural products store to help relieve these skin irritations is Calendula.

Undetectable to others, Boiron Calendula topicals have no medicinal smell and are free of artificial colors and perfumes. They are not tested on animals.