Anykit Ear Wax Removal Tool Ear Camera with Wax Remover, Ear Endoscope with LED Lights, Ear Cleaning Camera with Ear Spoon

  • ₱2,399.00

Imported from the USA

  • PERFECT EARWAX REMOVAL TOOLS - this earwax removal kit is a ear cleaning camera with HD ultra clear view. This ear camera and wax remover will help you easily locate ear wax and remove them.
  • HD ULTRA CLEAR VIEW - 720P 1.3MP high quality Lens with color reproduction techonology. This ear cleaning camera provids user clearer image.
  • PLUG and PLAY Ear Camera-The diameter of this otoscope is only 0.17inch, allows easy entry to ear canal to examine eardrum.
  • ANDROID, MACBOOK, WINDOWS PC COMPATIBLE - NOT FOR IPHONE, IPAD. Android 4.5+ devices (support OTG & UVC function), USB-A, Micro-USB, USB-C supported.
  • BETTER LIGHTING for BETTER IMAGES - 6 LED Lights with adjustable light level for better and more realistic images.
  • COMFORTABLE and SAFE - The improved soft silicone ear wax removal tool protect your ear get hurt.
  • TAKE PICTURE and VIDEO RECORDING - this ear camera support take picture and video recoding on your device via APP, you can save photos videos, and send toyour doctors for a quick and easy professional consultation.
video otoscope

HD otoscope

ear pick with camera

ear cleaner

HD Ultra Clear View

With the HD camera, you can see clearer image of the ear canal and ear wax, and remove the wax safely and easily.

Soft silicone ear spoon

Use the soft silicone ear spoon remove earwax without scratching.

Make removing ear wax cleaner, safer and more comfortable.

Visual Ear Cleaning

Easy & safe entry to the ear, view in clearer perspective, now you can see earwax cleaning process.

DO NOT let children operate independently!

ear camera with wax removal tool

Software function (NOT support iPhone&iPad!!!)

otoscope Android

usb otoscope for PC

otoscope for MacBook


For Android 4.5+:

Please confirm your Android Device support OTG and UVC.

You can download FREE APP [USB Camera] ,[Endoscope Camera] or [Elementary USB Camera] from Google Play Store.

Some Android devices,if there is nothing in the preview area, please go into Android Settings | Permissions | Storage Permissions | and enable this camera.


For Windows 7/8/10: Please download [Endoscope camera] or [Amcap] from google or follow the link in the user manual.

For Win10 system you can also run with the [Windows Camera]: Search your computer for"Camera" and open it.

MacBook(NOT support iPhone & iPad !!!)

For MacBook OSX 10.6+: Please run the Mac's own software:[Photo Booth] or [QuickTime Player].

Windows PC and MacBook, You just need to switch the Camera app to use your otoscope Camera . Look for the change camera button at the top-left or top-right of the screen. If it doesn't appear, you can also try right-clicking in the app and looking for Change Camera.

(NOT support iPhone & iPad !!!)

0.17 camera lens

ear camera

usb otoscope

Clean the camera tip

Clean the lens carefully with alcohol pads.

Please keep the camera clean to avoid blurry image.

Clean the camera lens grooves

Wipe the lens grooves with alcohol-soaked cotton swab.

Blurred images after a period of use are caused by the earwax on the camera lens.

What's in the Box

  1. Anykit Digital Otoscope;
  2. Ear spoon x 4;
  3. Ear speculum x 3;
  4. USB to Type-C adapter;
  5. Alcohol pad x 3