Wholesome Wellness Women's Raw Probiotic 100 Billion CFU with Prebiotics & Digestive Enzymes, 60 Vegetable Capsules

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The Miracle of Good Bacteria

Probioticsare thegood bacteriathat can be found all over our body. These good bacteria are responsible for keeping thebalance of the microorganismin our gut which means that when the probiotic levels arehighand the good gut bacteriaoutnumbersthe bad gut bacteria, we can keepdigestive problemsat aminimalbydecreasingthegrowthofharmful bacteria*. This may help the human body inpreventing diarrhea*,aiding in digestion*,abdominal cramping*,gas relief*,alleviating skin conditions*,preventing autoimmune diseases*, andtreatingandpreventionofyeast infections*,improving fertility*, clearing upskin problems*andfending off urinary infections*.

Our diet, lifestyle, and exposure to different environmental influences can cause changes in the balance ofhelpfulandunhelpful bacteria*in our stomach. Regular use of probiotics can support stomach’s digestive function and thebody’s abilitytoabsorb nutrientsthat can help influence many things in our body includingweight*,mood*,inflammation*, andimmunity*.

Specificallydesignedfor today’sactive woman, it includes addedbenefitslike treatment fromUrinary Tract Infections*, aids in the improvement of fertility*, rejuvenates skin and hair*and treats and provides support fromvaginal yeast infections*.

We can getprobioticsby consuming fruits, vegetables, and fermented products like yogurt, pickled food such as sauerkraut and miso, and some cheeses like gouda, parmesan, swiss, and cheddar.However, thesemight nothave enough probiotics in them toprovide theimmediate resultsthat we want for ourbodies.

Our Raw live Probiotics contains 100 billion colony forming units, 34 different strains of probiotics, 5 types of prebiotics and 9 different kinds of digestive enzymes, whole fruits & veggie blend, and proven urinary tract protective ingredients.