VitaRaw Multi Collagen Complex Supplement For Hair, Skin & Joints, 90 Capsules

  • ₱1,490.00

Look & Feel Your Best With the Ultimate Multi Collagen Capsules*

  • Enjoy the benefits of our hydrolyzed collagen capsules complete with Types I, II, II, V &X as well as added BioPerine to ensure ultimate absorption for best results. Restore your youth with this all in one age-defying solution for hair, skin, nails, joint & more!*

Why Does Your Body Need Collagen to Feel Its Best?

  • Collagen is our body’s most abundant protein, and as we age our body produces less and less which may cause wrinkles, thin hair, aches and pains, and weak nails. With our premium collagen supplement, you can give your body the extra collagen it needs to keep you feeling younger from the inside out.*

Treat Yourself to the All-In-One Age-Defying Solution:*

  • Your body deserves to feel it’s best, and you deserve to look your best. Not all Collagen supplements are created equal, Our complete 5 phase collagen complex includes: Bovine Collagen Peptides, Bovine Bone Collagen Peptides, Marine Collagen Peptides, Chicken Collagen Peptides, and Eggshell Membrane, giving you the ability to target many different types of concerns.*
  • Type I Collagen is great for skin health, anti-aging and wound healing. Type II is best for improving joint health, Type III helps to boost skin elasticity and firmness, Type V helps form cell membranes and the tissue in women’s placenta, white Type X supports bone formation.*