D r. F o r m u l a s Nexabiotic Advanced Mluti Probiotic Gastrointestinal Support, 30 Veggie Caps

  • ₱1,655.00

Discovered by French scientist Henri Boulard in 1923. He noticed that the people indigenous to Southeast Asian would chew on the peels of lychee and mangosteen fruits to ward off the diarrhea-causing disease cholera. Modern scientists have found that S. boulardii has antitoxin, antimicrobial, and anti inflammatory effects.Considered one of the earliest colonizers of the human gut, Bifidobacterium infantis or B infantis for short has been found to remove cholesterol from its environment as well as to normalize the acidity of the gut. It also interacts with the immune system to help provide a healthier immune response.Our delivery system is durable yet flexible. Tablets and pearls are difficult to administer to those who have trouble swallowing- requiring you to grind up each dose which damages the probiotics.