Tebery Umbrella Yarn Swift Hand Operated Ball Winder Holder Machine Metal Hank Yarn Knitting Tool

  • ₱1,399.00

  • Metal Hank: Better shaped, much lighter and durable than the Wood swift.
  • Easy to set up: the clamp-on base allows it to be firmly fixed at the edge of tables, chairs, benches, or any other convenient locations,either horizontally or vertically!
  • Easy Rotation: The yarn swift winder has a smooth and easy rotation so that it provides a squeak free experience. It also allows the yarn to be wound into a ball in the quickest time possible.
  • Easy to store: It folds down flat and you can let it attached to a table.
  • Dimensions: dia 21-1/2 " x 16-1/2" when opened. A great tool for knitting and crochet.