Tan Physics True Color Balance Pre-Tan Exfoliator 8 Oz.

  • ₱1,777.00

Aloe - reduces inflammation and promote skin repair. Vitamins C and B - these vitamins penetrate deep into the skin to improve skin elasticity promote collagen production and diminish dark spots. Panthenol B5 - penetrates into deeper layers of the skin adding essential moisture. Organic Cocoa Butter - Our Cocoa Butter has incredibly high content of vitamin E to help with skin renewal and repair. Antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals or toxins that damage tissues at the cellular levels. Sodium Hyaluronate - promotes microcirculation, nutrient absorbtion, and provide super-sized hydrating properties. It also can reduce appearance of dark sun spots and other imperfections. Stay Tan, Stay Flawless. Tan Physics Pre-Tan Exfoliator is your key to an enduring youthful glow.