Swigzy Car Cup Holder Expander Adapter with Adjustable Base - Rubber Tabs Hold Most 32 - 40 oz Bottles and Large Cups

  • ₱2,266.00

  • EXTENDABLE BASE: Insert is expandable from 2.5"-3.75" in diameter to fit many different automotive cupholders. It also works great for golf-carts, motorcycles, boats, trucks, and RV's.
  • RUBBER TABS SECURELY HOLD 3.4"-3.8" DIAMETER BOTTLES: The rubber tabs are firm enough to keep your bottle from tipping over while driving, yet soft enough to let you easily remove your bottle when you want a drink.
  • EXTENDER DESIGNED FOR OVERSIZE (3.4"-3.8" diameter) BOTTLES: Adapter works best with bottles/cups 3.4"-3.8" in diameter and fits most 32 oz. - 40 oz. water bottles.
  • SLOT FOR CUPS WITH HANDLES: 1" slot in side of expander allows cups or travel coffee mugs with handles to fit into the adapter.
  • EASY TO ADD OR REMOVE FROM CUP HOLDER: Just twist the top of the adapter to expand or retract the base, allowing you to add or remove the adapter like a pro! (SEE BELOW TO MAKE SURE THE ADAPTER WILL FIT YOUR VEHICLES CUP HOLDERS)