Smarter Nutrition SLEEP Natural Rest with Bioactive Milk Peptides, 60 Chewable Mint Tablets

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Re-Tune Your Body’s Natural Sleep-Wake Cycle — How to Sleep Like a Baby Again!

It’s hard to avoid.. we’re working longer hours, often with longer commutes and more stress, leaving less time for domestic chores — maintaining the house, paying bills, dealing with paperwork or projects for the kids — all of which gets stuffed into the twilight hours or early morning. Sound familiar?

Then there’s the other modern habit of staying up late on phones or other electronic devices. The blue light from those devices interferes with your body’s production of melatonin, the key hormone for sleep. This further throws off the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, called the circadian rhythm.

The amount of sleep you get isn’t the only problem. Theof your sleep is equally important. In fact, new studies show that how you feel during your waking hours depends more on howyou have slept than how—