ShineForce - Car Scratch Remover Kit for Paint Repair & Scuff Remover, Car Scratch Removal Cloth with Magic Nano Technology to Fix and Eliminate Minor Car Scratches and Light Paint Scratches

  • ₱1,138.00

  • ✔️ NANOTECHNOLOGY - Our ShineForce car scratch removar cloth with microfiber and Nanotechnology is the latest and best DIY product to quickly, effectively and safely remove car paint scratches. Eliminates light scratches, wax circles and that oxidized layer and fading paint. This is A PATENTED product guaranteed to remove car scratches in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Contains emulsifiers, lubricants, emollients, polishes and mineral oils.
  • ✔️ SUITABLE FOR ALL VEHICLES - Used for cars, SUV's, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, boats and scooters. This magic car scratch remover cloth can quickly remove stains and repair scratches, restoring the original color while giving your painted surface its initial shining look. (NOTE: For deep scratches that can be easily felt with your fingernail, the product may not remove that scratch completely, but you will see an improvement)
  • ✔️ MULTIPLE USE - Our super strength cloth repairs scratches on your vehicle, removes paint oxidation, bird dropping, asphalt, rust stains, dirt etc. It polishes and restores your color in minutes, in every corner. Yes, you can even use it on your appliance and furniture. Clean and treat your ceramic stove with a protective coating and remove unsightly stains from your faucets too. Good for multiple applications, when done, fold the cloth, return it to the package and zip the seal tight.
  • ✔️ SAVE $$$, FAST TO APPLY - drivers of leased cars can expect to be charged for scratch damage when returning vehicles. Use ShineForce and in minutes, repair scratches on your vehicle, return it looking like new. ShineForce will even remove some of those deeper paint scratches with a little more patience. Ensure that the area being treated is clean of dirt. Remove the applicator from the bag, apply to the treatment area and rub lightly along the scratch, applying pressure with your fingers
  • ✔️ 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Our promise, you will get professional looking results, or we will refund your full purchase price. An Unconditional, money back guarantee. If you are not TOTALLY amazed with the results, you get your full purchase price back. No questions asked, no hassle. ShineForce is confident that we can help you, just like we have helped customers and professional car detailing businesses all over the world get awesome results!