Pure Enrichment PureRelief Abdominal and Lumbar Heating Pad with 4 heat settings, Hot / Cold Gel Pack and Storage Bag

  • ₱3,950.00


PureRelief Lumbar & Abdominal Heating Pad

Product Specifications: Pad Size: 19.69” x 9.5” | Power: 120V, 60Hz, 55W | Auto Shut-Off: 120 minutes | Heat Settings: Warm–temperature range (~110°F), Low–temperature range (~120°F), Medium–temperature range (~130°F), High–temperature range (~140°F)




Relief Where You Need It

Gently cool or heat your lower back, temporarily relieving tension, stiffness, and back pain often associated with a prolonged sitting or working out.

Soothe and Relax

Don’t let that time of the month bring you down. Temporarily ease uncomfortable abdominal cramping from menstrual cramps with targeted abdominal heat therapy designed to help you relax.

Easy to Clean

It's easy to maintain the softness and beauty for years to come by simply machine washing in cold water on the gentle cycle and line or tumble drying for 5 minutes on low heat.