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Physician's Choice Collagen Peptides Dietary Supplement, Unflavored, 246g / 0.54 lbs

Physician's Choice Collagen Peptides Dietary Supplement, Unflavored, 246g / 0.54 lbs

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Not all Collagen is the same. Collagen alone has aBIGabsorption problem. Collagen, when taken without a bio-availability agent isn't effectively absorbed into the bloodstream or intestinal wall.

We set out to fix this problem by formulating a 100% double hydrolyzed collagen peptides supplement,with a natural occurring bio-availability agent (DigSEB) to improve absorption. The digestive enzymes and double hydrolysis we use quickly breaks down the collagen peptides into the essential & beneficial amino acids collagen is known for, so you get thetrue benefits of collagen in a concentrated dose.

To create a superior clean collagen with better absorption, we use a grass-fed, pasture raised, hormone & antibiotic free, double hydrolyzed collagen peptides (Type I & III) along with a proven bio-availability agent, DigSEB (digestive enzyme complex).

By using double hydrolyzed collagen and introducing targeted natural digestive enzymes to break down the peptide chains into di-peptides, tripeptide, and amino acids, we increase the pure concentration of beneficial amino acids that are effectively absorbed into the intestinal wall and bloodstream. These amino acids arewhat provide the many benefits we have all come to know collagen for.


Our Collagen is made exclusively from Clean Label world-renowned South American bovine, recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). Our manufacturing partner invests in and practices sustainability throughout the entire production.

From renewable energy and water conservation too the strict adherence to the Global Animal Partnership ensuring grass-fed pasture raised cattle.

All our collagen is made from the highest quality natural, non-allergenic, Non-GMO, grass fed, hormone free collagen.



The double hydrolysis of our collagen not only enhances absorption into your bloodstream, but it also improves water solubility making our collagen easy to mix with coffee, smoothies, tea or even water. Our collagen is unflavored and can be used in beverages or baked goods, muffins, bars, or pancakes that need an added boost of protein.




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