PetHonesty 10-FOR-1 Multivitamin For Dogs with Glucosamine, Probiotics + Omegas, Chicken Flavor, 90 Count

  • ₱2,250.00

About PetHonesty’s 10-for-1 Multivitamin with Glucosamine

This one a day multivitamin is filled with all the essential supplements, vitamins and minerals your dog needs that they might be lacking from their current diet.

These 10-for-1 Multivitamins with Glucosamine proactively help your dog avoid common health issues that can develop with age and are a great and easy step to take in preventative care for your dog.

This is a great addition to round out any other supplement or medication your dog is taking for a holistically sound health care regimen.

  • Helps support joint function and health
  • Helps keep brain, heart and organs healthy
  • Improves digestion and intestinal health
  • Keeps skin and coat shiny, supple and healthy
  • Helps promote good circulation
  • Boosts immune system
  • Helps reduce allergies