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Perfect Keto Keto Bar (Single Serve) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Perfect Keto Keto Bar (Single Serve) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

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Clean ingredients for better health.

Every product at Perfect Keto has been made with the intention of being used by myself, my family, my closest friends, and all of you. We take what we put into our products very seriously.

Raise the Bar on Ketogenic Snacks with Perfect Keto Protein Bars!

When it comes to desserts, sweets, and snacking, we encounter many temptations on a daily basis. If we indulge, we’ll veer off the keto track, or worse, it can knock us out of ketosis. Perfect Keto Bars are specially formulated to be your no guilt, sweet treat that is packed with nutrients, clean superfood ingredients, and of course, it’s keto diet friendly! Even if you don’t follow a keto lifestyle, it’s still a healthy, all-natural snacking option for adults and kids.

Each bar contains 19g of high-quality fats to keep you satiated, and only 3g of net carbs to minimize blood sugar impact. By providing 10g of 100% grass-fed collagen protein, it also helps promote healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Unlike traditional energy or protein bars or your typical low carb, low sugar snacks, Perfect Keto Bars combine real food ingredients in a delicious blend that fuels your body and mind for work, workouts, or just working hard to get through your day.

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