Unisom SleepGels Dipenhydramine HCI Nighttime Sleep-Aid One Softgel Per Dose 50mg 60softgels

  • ₱1,099.00

These liquid-filled SoftGels leave no chalky taste behind like tablets, and with Diphenhydramine HCI as the active sleep-aid ingredient, you can get the sleep you need. For adults and children 12 years of age and over, one softgel should be taken at bedtime as needed or as directed by a healthcare professional. Is Unisom habit forming? No. Unisom products are safe and non-habit forming when used. Will I remain asleep all night if I take Unisom products?

Research shows that the active ingredients in Unisom help troubled sleepers sleep soundly. However, like any OTC aid, results may vary. Can I take Unisom for an allergy? No. Unisom sleep-aids are just that: nighttime sleep-aids. Therefore, we advise that consumers purchase the appropriate allergy products for treating allergies. Can I take Unisom every night? Unisom is for occasional sleeplessness only. If your sleeplessness persists for more than two weeks, consult your doctor. Sleeplessness may be a symptom of a serious underlying medical illness.