Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions Women's Multivitamin, 80 Gummies

  • ₱950.00

During transit, content 'unavoidably' becomes moist. this is normal & experienced also by US customers (you can check it online).
Moisture causes the foil seal to flip (sometimes upon opening) that does not mean it's not sealed, rest assured gummies are stored in a well conditioned place 24/7.

Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Women’s Multivitamin Gummies

Supporting overall health and wellness is a breeze with Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Women’s Multivitamin Gummies!* Each delicious gummy serving is raspberry flavored and truly delicious, containing over 10 key nutrients that contribute to key areas of health and wellness specific to women.* There’s Calcium and Vitamin D for bone health; Vitamins C, D, and E for immune health; Folic Acid, B-12 and Biotin for energy metabolism, and so much more!