Mothers Friend Body Skin Cream 4 oz

  • ₱945.00

  • If you want to prevent pregnancy stretch marks, Mother’s Friend Stretch Mark Cream can help. As a thick body cream that relieves tight, stretched and dry skin, using it while pregnant can drastically reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Apply it each day for the strongest effect – it is much easier than getting rid of stretch marks after they form!
  • TITLE:Mother's Friend Body Skin Cream
  • Body Skin Cream for the tight, stretched, dry skin of pregnancy.
  • Please see Manufacturer's Directions for Use Instructions * During pregnancy: Make yourself comfortable. Gently rub or pat Mothers Friend on abdomen, back and legs to help relieve tight dry skin. A soothing massage with Mothers Friend can also help ease the cramping pains in the back and legs which often occur at this time. After pregnancy: Mothers Friend makes an excellent skin conditioner anytime. Use it often to help keep skin beautifully soft and supple. Even works on rough heels, knees and elbows.