Mommy's Bliss Baby Probiotic Drops 15 Day Boost, 0.2 Ounce Bottle with Dropper

  • ₱1,100.00

Antibiotics are invaluable towards maintaining health, but they come with the side effect of also killing beneficial bacteria, resulting in various digestive issues including gas and upset stomach. Mommy's Bliss Probiotic Drops give your baby much needed digestive relief by restoring those lost helpful gut flora. We keep things natural and simple with just two ingredients - corn oil and Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, a probiotic strain that's been the subject of over 800 scientific studies worldwide. Relieves gas, constipation, and colic with just 5 drops daily. You can easily add them with our dropper. Shake well before use. May be given directly by spoon, mixed into breast milk or formula, or applied directly to breast during feeding. Do not add to hot formula or hot foods as this may damage the live bacteria. Maximum storage temperature is 77 degrees F. To maximize shelf life, refrigerate after opening. 15 servings, 0.2 Fl Oz / 6 ml