Midol Complete Multi-Symptom Relief 500mg, 2 Caplets

  • ₱49.00

Midol Complete On the Go Menstrual Pain Relief Caplets with Ace ta mi no phen for Menstrual Symptom Relief provide up to six hours of PMS and period cramps relief to help you feel better and stay active during and right before your menstrual cycle. Midol Complete On the Go contains ace ta mi no phen with caffeine and py ri la mine ma leate, combining a pain reliever, diuretic and anti-histamine to effectively relieve period cramps, headache, backache, muscle ache, bloating, fatigue and water weight gain. Available in convenient on the go pouches that each contain two easy to take caplets for effective period pain and PMS relief everywhere you go, these powerful menstrual cramp relief caplets are recommended for adults and children 12 years and older. Use as directed. Take two caplets with water and repeat every six hours as needed, but don't take more than six caplets a day