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Meyenberg Evaporated Goat Milk, Vitamin D, 12 oz / 354 mL Unsweetened, Rich, Creamy

Meyenberg Evaporated Goat Milk, Vitamin D, 12 oz / 354 mL Unsweetened, Rich, Creamy

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Meyenberg Goat Milk

Goat milk is the best dairy milk – more than half of the world’s population drinks goat milk and agrees. With its benefits of easy digestibility, healthful nutrients and delicious flavor, goat milk changes lives. It’s what we’ve been told for more than 80 years by our consumers who thrive on our milk.


  • Easy to digest
  • Clean, delicious and creamy
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Less processed than plant-based milks
  • Simple ingredients
  • 7 grams of protein per serving
  • People with cow milk sensitivities may also be able to enjoy our fresh milk, as well as our goat cheese and butter.



Lower in lactose

Goat milk contains less lactose than cow milk and may work for people with sensitivities. Lactose is the natural sugar found in milk and is present to various degrees in all milk from mammals -- some people just lack enough lactase enzyme in their systems to break it down.

**Remember if you have been clinically diagnosed with either true cow milk allergy or lactose intolerance be sure to consult your medical profession before drinking goat milk. Our products (like all dairy milk) are not recommended for infants or babies under 12 months of age.




Easy to digest

While comparable to cow milk in flavor and nutrient content, goat milk has smaller-size fat particles, which produce a smaller and softer curd in the stomach. These curds are more rapidly broken down by stomach enzymes which make goat milk more easily digestible(Young W. Park, George F.W. Haenlein: Handbook of Milk of Non-Bovine Mammals. Blackwell Publishing (2006).






Goats and the environment

Dairy goats have a smaller environmental “hoof print” as they need less water per gallon of milk produced than most other livestock raised for dairy. In addition, goats produce nearly 20 times less methane per kilogram of body weight than dairy cows.












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