Large Set Dual Tip Fabric Markers (with Gold and Silver) 20 Colors Fine and Chisel Tip Permanent Ink Art Marker for Fabric Painting Writing on Cloth Laundry Clothes Canvas Bags Paint T-Shirts Shoes

  • ₱1,769.00

  • BEST VALUE PACK – 50% MORE INK! 20 Dual Tip Premium quality fabric markers paint set including special gold and silver and 62 Alphabet and Numbers Stencils.This professional fabric pens kit pack is rich pigmented. Vibrant graffiti. Bold and vivid colors including unique Gold, Silver, Black, Brown, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink and many more.
  • QUALITY – Quick drying, Bleed & Fade-resistant. Safe kit for children and adult, Non-Toxic. Odorless, Chlorine resistant, Permanent, Fade proof that going to last for years and years.
  • DUAL TIP – Extra Fine 1mm tip and broad Chisel tip 6mm. Easily create thick and thin lines for smooth writing, doodle, coloring, outlining, sketching, underlining, writing or any DIY project on fabrics or paper. Personalized your name label or laundry labels in school, childcare, camp and nursing home. Write on uniforms, clothing labels, baby clothes labels, kids clothes labels, sporting gear, caps, lunch bag, school labels, gym clothes, jackets, t shirt, backpacks, luggage and camping gear.
  • VERSATILE SET – Great for use on fabric painting, textile, canvas or cloth. These markers are perfect for decorating clothes, linen, shirt, T-shirt, jeans, pants, bags, shoes, pillowcases, backpacks, decorate a tie, cocktail napkins, lampshade, cushion, baseball caps, wall art, clothing, handbags, baby tee, sneakers, quilting, table runners, placemats, onesies and bibs.
  • 62 Characters STENCILS - Consists of Letters and numbers. Adhesive and Reusable. It is so easy to paint. Never again get stuck with no idea how to paint. The templates are made from durable PVC plastic. It can be used several times. Being reusable the stencils lose their sticking ability after 3-5 uses.