KnitIQ Blocking Mats for Knitting Extension Kit – 3 Extra Blocking Boards to Increase Layout for Larger Knitting, Crochet, Needlepoint and Lace Projects

  • ₱1,734.00

  • ADD TO YOUR KNITIQ SET FOR BLOCKING LARGER PROJECTS. Extend your existing set to block larger pieces such as shawls and ponchos.
  • INTERLOCK SEAMLESSLY WITH EXISTING KNITIQ SETS. Grid lines match up with previously bought KnitIQ mats to align the sides of your project and block squarely for an accurate, professional finish.
  • INCREASE THE NUMBER OF LAYOUTS FOR YOUR PROJECTS. Create more configurations to fit larger-sized projects such as a triangular shawl, poncho, blanket or long scarf. Alternatively, use them individually for your sock project.
  • BOOST YOUR EXISTING KNITTING KIT AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. Always have enough blocking boards for larger projects without having to order a new set - essential knitting accessories for all levels.
  • REPLACE LOST OR DAMAGED MATS. Make sure you have enough boards to be able to finish your carefully crafted pieces when mats get lost or accidentally damaged.