Jack Link’s Bacon Jerky Thick Cut, Hickory Smoked Flavor, 2.5 oz. / 71g Bag

  • ₱399.00

Bacon lovers rejoice! We can all agree that starting your day with some epic bacon is the best part of it – so why are you limiting bacon to just breakfast? Imagine your favorite slightly crispy cuts of bacon that you crave, each bite filled with the perfect hickory smoked flavor. Now imagine that you don’t have to wait to cook it or wait to eat it, and can enjoy it anytime of day! Our ready-to eat bacon jerky makes that dream a reality. Jack Link’s Hickory Smoked Bacon Jerky is made of thick cut slices of real pork bacon. It’s also trans-fat free and only has 2g of sugar. This delicious anytime bacon is slow cooked over hardwood smoke and seasoned with a signature blend of herbs and spices. Just like you picked it off your plate at home, but without having to cook it yourself or clean up. Whether you want a quick, easy breakfast or a protein-packed snack between meetings and errands, our portable bacon jerky is the perfect choice. Bacon in the big rig, bacon while you’re DJ’ing, even bacon when you’re hang gliding – you can never go wrong! Fully cooked and ready to eat whenever, or wherever, you are. Jack Link’s is America’s No.1 selling jerky brand. When you open a Jack Link’s meat snack, you get a taste of the American tradition that made this family business a success: hard work, fun and quality products. Our protein snacks are the fuel to help you feed your wild side.