Velveeta Liquid Gold Original Cheese Sauce for 3 Pouches 340 g

  • ₱328.00


Velveeta Cheese Sauce Individual Pouches







Delicious creamy cheese sauce ready to squeeze, heat and serve. Pour it over pasta, vegetables, nachos and hotdogs. All the incredible Velveeta taste and so convenient! Velveeta Original Cheese Sauce brings a touch of liquid gold to your meals. When cheese cravings strike, satisfy them with this melted cheese product the whole family loves. The soft, smooth, and creamy cheese sauce brings a burst of cheesy flavor to any meal with the original Velveeta taste you know and love. This 12 ounce box of cheese sauce comes ready to squeeze in three individual pouches, making it a quick, convenient addition to your hassle-free meals and snacks. Simply melt and enjoy. This irresistible sauce is a great way to bring the family together. Try this Velveeta Cheese Sauce as a creamy nacho cheese, a savory cheese sauce or a cheese dip sauce. It is also great to use for pasta, homemade mac and cheese, hot dogs or tacos. Nothing melts like Velveeta.