Health Thru Nutrition Dog-Vites CoQ10 for Dogs 30mg 60 Chewable Tablets Beef Flavor

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DogVites™ Beef Flavor 30mg Chewable CoQ10 For Dogswill have your best buddy begging for more. Forget having to disguise“human”CoQ10 softgels in peanut butter or cheese, DogVites™ Beef Flavor 30mg Chewable CoQ10 has beenspecially designed to appeal to any dogs flavor senseright out of the bottle.

Benefits of CoQ-10 for Dogs:

Heart Health: Dogs much like humans, suffer from heart disease, and can develop Congestive Heart Failure. The heart has the highest concentration of CoQ10 of all the tissues in our body and it seems logical because of its high-energy needs.

Cancer: COQ10 has been shown in many research studies to prevent DNA damage in the cells through the mitochondria, the power-house of the cells and improve the immune response. The immune system plays a role in transformation of normal cells to cancerous cells.

Renal Failure: Data from clinical trials in both human and animal studies shows significant reduction in serum creatinine and blood urea and a significant increase in creatinine clearance and urine output with use of Coenzyme Q10, and a significant increase in plasma levels of vitamins A, E, C and beta-carotene, whereas thiobarbituric acid reactive substances, diene conjugates and malondialdehyde showed a significant reduction with use of coenzyme Q10.