Health Thru Nutrition CoQ10 as Hydrosoluble (Q-Gel) Mega 100mg 60 Softgels

  • ₱895.00

The world’s first Water Soluble CoQ10 is now available in the well-known Health Thru Nutrition label. This new 100mg Hydrosoluble™ CoQ10, (as Q-Gel® Mega), has the exact same clinically tested formulation that delivers 3 Times Absorption and is 100% Soluble. Health Thru Nutrition’s 100mg Hydrosoluble™ CoQ10 formulation promotes Heart Health and Energy Production as shown in clinical scrutiny in humans. This formulation is, and has been for many years, the preferred dosage form of Coenzyme Q10 recommended by many physicians and cardiologists. Most notably, since this 100mg Hydrosoluble™ CoQ10 is formulated via the patented Bio-Solv® technology, it’s absorption is not dependent on the food you eat and it provides effective serum levels at lower dosages. You take less… Health Thru Nutrition’s 100mg Hydrosoluble™ CoQ10 does more!