Greek Style Vase, Handmade Bud Flower Vase, Rustic Home Decor Gift

  • ₱4,850.00

  • Greek Style Vase, Handmade Bud Flower Vase, Rustic Home Decor Gift, Wood Anniversary Gift for Wife, Girlfriend Anniversary Gift, Flower Gift Unique
  • This one of a kind single flower bud vase has beautiful Ancient Greek motives in its ornament and will become a perfect piece of your interior. Vase can be assembled in two ways: with wooden color on the outside (and dark brown on inside) or inside (then dark brown on outside).
  • Design of this handmade wooden vase is absolutely unique; you will never find anything like that in any other shop. All details are laser cut with accurate precision. With glass test tube inside it looks unusual and will add some modern rustic charm to your place.
  • This easily assembled bud vase will become your perfect table centerpiece. After all, what is needed, if not a beautiful flower wrapped in Eco friendly embrace of a wooden vase, made with love and attention to every detail.
  • Please note, wooden vase comes disassembled and with a careful instruction inside of a package, you will need just a couple of minutes of your time to assemble it in to your new vase. Besides, vase is nicely packed and can serve as a decent gift to someone you want to impress on some great occasions, like birthday, Valentines day, 5 year Anniversary (a.k.a Wooden Anniversary), Christmas, or any other occasion.
  • MATERIALS USED: Plywood, Glass tube