DripDrop ORS Dehydration Relief 10g Powder Sticks, Variety Pack, 24 Count (Lemon, Berry & Watermelon)

  • ₱2,750.00

Conveniently Packaged to Fit in Your Bag or Pocket

Get dehydration relief fast. Anytime. Anywhere. Just open and add water.

Tastes Great

DripDrop ORS has half the sugar of sports drinks. And it has a taste that customers love.

You Can Actually Feel A Difference After Drinking It

Many report feeling better quickly after drinking the patented formula of DripDrop ORS, due to its low osmolarity.

DripDrop is Medical-Grade ORS

DripDrop is a Medical-Grade ORS. DripDrop ORS was formulated by a doctor to treat life threatening dehydration on humanitarian missions. And is used by firefighters, military and healthcare professionals.