Crochet Hooks Set Ergonomic 12 USA Sizes - Comfortable, Easy to Hold and Use Crochet Hook, Sturdy, Non-Slip Handle, Longer Crochet Needles for Any Type of Yarns - For Pro or Beginners - B2.25mm ~ L8mm

  • ₱1,454.00

  • 100% ACCURATE USA STANDARD SIZING - NOT JUST CONVERSION LIKE ALL OTHERS - ONLY Athena’s Elements offer US Sizes with Letters, Numbers and Metric stamped, engraved, non-erasable markings and easy to identify sizes. Marked as: B 1 2.25 mm, C 2 2.75 mm, D 3 3.25 mm, E 4 3.5 mm, F 5 3.75 mm, G 6 4 mm, 7 4.5 mm, H 8 5 mm, I 9 5.5 mm, J 10 6 mm, K 10 6.5 mm, L 11 8.0 mm. Exactly what 99% of patterns ask for Hook sizing, so there is no more confusion.
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE, EASY TO HOLD and PAIN FREE FOR HOURS: Our Ergonomic Soft Handle makes you crochet for hours without fatigue, feeling pain or cramping on hands or thumbs. Perfect for Arthritic Hands or those with Carpal Tunnel or any hand pain issues to still enjoy the love of crocheting. EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE handle will make crocheting a breeze.
  • STURDY, NON-SLIP, LIGHTWEIGHT & FUN COLORS CROCHET NEEDLES: Perfect for Amigurumi Crocheting. No matter how tight your projects need to be, the grips will not slip and are very comfortable to use for extended periods and will hold up against serious pull. Unique colors (dare to compare to all others), make finding the right hook just a little easier. 100% designed for a professional crocheter, and the best hooks for beginners to start learning to crochet and avoid frustration.
  • LONGER SHAFT & SMOOTH HOOKS: Larger sizes hooks are longer than the smaller sizes, it’s shaft or needle is 2 inches for the larger hooks and 1.75 inch for the smaller sizes which we strategically designed because bigger sizes hooks uses bulky yarns, and smaller hooks uses thin yarns. Thus it gives yarn extra space when the pattern calls for more than 3 loops. SMOOTH HOOKS allow yarns to glide easily and effortlessly and avoid snagging or splitting the yarns making crocheting a breeze.
  • FROM A CUSTOMER: My wife has crocheted for years but she had a couple of strokes a few years ago and could not get her hands to co-operate and it broke my heart to watch her try. She recently picked it back up but was still having a hard time with the regular hooks. I gave her the new hooks today and her eyes lit up. She was like a kid with a new toy. She loves them and they feel good in her hands. Seeing her like that brought a tear to this old man’s eye. Thank you so much.