CrashPads Adhesive Bandages for Road Rash, Scrapes, Cuts, Burns & Blisters, 14 Pads

  • ₱2,450.00

Engineered specifically for athletes, CrashPads cushion, protect, and heal insanely fast! They work by sealing off the wound, eliminating scabs, and allowing skin to regrow uninterrupted.

  • CrashPads are the ultimate bandage for road rash or any skin abrasion. Created for extreme athletes, we've seen and healed it all.
  • Sterile adhesive CrashPads create a protective barrier over a large area which allows skin to heal protected for up to 5 days per application.
  • CrashPads seal out water, dirt and germs so wounds can heal uninterrupted by scabbing, picking and bleeding.
  • Ultra-thin and flexible hydrocolloid technology soothes and protects wounds while medical grade adhesive keeps the bandage firmly in place.
  • Abrasions treated with CrashPads heal significantly faster than wounds treated with either traditional bandaging or air-drying methods.