Contour Next One Blood Glucose Monitoring System (Contour Next One Meter, 10 Contour Next Blood Glucose Test Strips, Lancing Device, 10 Microlet Colored Lancets & Carrying Case)

  • ₱1,100.00


Smart Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The CONTOUR NEXT ONE glucose monitoring system is shown to deliver remarkable accuracy(1) within ±8.4% of lab values.* The CONTOUR NEXT ONE smart blood glucose meter and app system combines remarkable accuracy with ease-of-use to benefit a broad range of people living with diabetes. By integrating your blood glucose meter with a smartphone app you may simplify the management of your diabetes. (3,4,5,6,7). Read user guide before use.

  • EASY TO USE: SmartLIGHT target range indicator immediately identifies if blood glucose readings are above, below or within target range for instant feedback