Classic Biker Gear Reflective Student Driver Magnets for Car – Set of 3

  • ₱748.00

  • ✓ Official US Dept. of Transportation – Our Student Driver Magnets utilizes the official US DOT highway sign font, chosen for its readability and legibility at far distances.
  • ✓ HIGH QUALITY MAGNET - WON'T FALL AT HIGHWAY SPEEDS. Unlike conventional new driver magnetic signs, ours is manufactured with the STRONGEST MAGNET available for this purpose, seeing is believing, watch the video below where we tested our student driver magnets at over 120 MPH
  • ✓ SAFETY – Large Black block lettering with a safely yellow reflective background provides safety to new drivers.
  • ✓ BEST STUDENT DRIVER MAGNET FOR CARS – This is the best magnetic sign purposely made for those who want to learn how to drive. Printed on reflective material and laminated for outdoor use then mounted on high-quality magnetic sheets.
  • ✓ LONG LASTING MAGNETIC SIGN – Why choose those inferior student driver magnetic sign on the market? This high quality magnetic sign will not fly off when driving like some of the others. Test to last well pass the new driver stage. The student driver magnets are made to last a lifetime.