Carlson Baby's Super Daily D3 400 IU 365 drops 0.35 fl oz / 10.3 mL Baby D Drops

  • ₱895.00

Carlson began in Chicago in 1965 as one woman’s mission to improve the health of her family by creating nutritional supplements with high-quality ingredients. Susan Carlson’s father suffered from heart issues but found relief after taking vitamin E. Inspired by this discovery and her background as a pharmacist, Susan created one of the first full lines of vitamin E worldwide, and the product line continued growing to meet the health needs of local families. Carlson began popping up on store shelves around Chicago, and the wave continued across the nation. Today, the commitment to helping families live a healthier lifestyle continues, as the next generation of the Carlson family leads the company. Carlson now offers more than 200 vitamins, minerals, omega-3s, kid’s products, and other high-quality nutritional supplements. At Carlson, our family cares about the health of your family.
A single drop delivers the perfect dose of vitamin D3 for your child, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Breast milk and formula are excellent nutrient sources for babies but often don't provide enough vitamin D3. And while many of us rely on the sun to help our bodies produce vitamin D3, sun exposure isn't recommended for babies younger than 6 months. Vitamin D3 promotes healthy growth and development, helps our bodies absorb calcium and phosphorus and supports teeth, bone, and muscle health. To make sure your baby gets an adequate amount of vitamin D, a daily supplement may be a great option. Baby's Super Daily D3 is easy to use with formula- or breast-fed infants.